MC Program Coordinator


About the MC Program Pilot Project:

Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s ‘Seed’ Granting stream, Unity aims to develop a new program and approach to imparting MC/Rap/Hip Hop specific creative and business skills in independent, underserved MCs in the City of Toronto. Unity will use an experiential development/learning approach, consulting with community organizations, established artists, and community leaders to co-create a program and test it over a number of weeks with a group of 15 youth artists, periodically evaluating and revising the program based on their feedback


About the Role

The MC Program Coordinator will be active and accountable in the areas of Project and Grant Management, Curriculum and Program Design, MC Program Coordination, and Program Communications/Relationship Management. 


Contract Type: Contract, Part Time

Start Date: October 26th 2020

End Date: September 17th 2021

Contract Length: 45 weeks

Hours: 24 hrs/week


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