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Below is a list of program booking descriptions:


Unity Day: A high-energy, interactive, performance-based and motivational school assembly led by five professional artist educators, who perform and share their personal stories, with a focus on mental health and resilience. Following the morning assembly, four class-sized workshops in Hip-Hop, Break-Dancing, Spoken Word poetry, Graffiti, and Beatboxing are delivered. These workshops challenge school students to express themselves creatively while learning something new, and perhaps stepping out of their comfort zone with their peers.


School Assembly: An hour-long inspirational assembly, in which Unity Artist Educators share honest and real personal stories via performances, skits and video presentations that encourage youth to discover a positive outlet for expression.


Single Day and Short Term Workshops: During workshops, Unity’s Artist Educators provide students with an introductory lesson in their respective urban art form ( Hip-Hop, Break-Dancing, Spoken Word poetry, Graffiti, and Beatboxing), to engage and empower students to learn healthy ways to positively express stress.


Keynotes: A powerful keynote presentation that introduces Unity, personal stories, and high-energy and inspiring performances by top Unity Artists.The topics can include mental health, creative expression, youth empowerment, impact of community arts, etc.


Third Party Events: If you are organizing a fundraising event and looking for a charity to receive a portion of the proceeds.


Looking for a mural, live painting or gallery work to brighten up your school or event?!

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