April 2021 Unity Artist Feature – Munera Yusuf

Munera Yusuf

Twitter: @muneraisfab

IG: @munerayusuf

In passing, Munera is an eccentric queer woman with a desire to shed light and love around her. She is a powerful public speaker with a drive to run into like-minded souls. She loves to hold space for any and all identities. Munera is a storyteller, a poet, a teacher, an author and an avid pursuer of healing generational trauma. Determined to set examples for the youth, she loves to volunteer and give herself to the world in many different forms.


Want to know more? Check out Munera’s interview below. 

Q1: What about your practice makes it meaningful to you? 


A: I am a creative writer and storyteller. Both practices allow me to heal from extended family and intergenerational trauma. I believe writing is a form of catharsis and without it, I wouldn’t be here today. I especially would not have the emotional intelligence, patience and heart as well. I love to story tell because not only is it an ancestral power, it allows me to normalize other people and their raw emotions. My purpose in life is to facilitate hope and to never have people be alone in their pain the way I once was.


Q2: How did you discover your artistic practice? How long have you been practicing? 


A: I discovered writing through simply picking up a pen when I felt too much going on at once. I even utilized having a side instagram account and pouring my entire heart out to alleviate my heart and mind. The few people I allowed to have on the platform made me realize I had a natural gift to convey my emotions into digestible words. From there I decided to actually try and lose the shame of not being excellent at something from the get go. I have been practicing writing my entire life. I have been consciously allowing myself to be proud of my writing for about 4 years now.


Q3: What motivated you to develop your craft into a career path?


A: I don’t ever want my creativity to be burdened with financial expectation. What I do want, is to live a happy purposeful life. The word career is not really what I’m aiming for. What I truly want, is to do what I love and that so happens to be writing.


Q4: What were you like as a kid? How would you say that you’ve changed?


A: I was angry, in the closet and really hurt. I was afraid to express who I was internally but very observant. My mind posed as my own Wonderland. I spent a lot of my time internally. I’ve changed in ways that allow me to be more open and trusting with the world. I still am that meek, emotional, scared character. I’m just more proud of those traits now.


Q5: When and How did you first get involved with Unity Charity?


A: I got involved with Unity in 2019. I discovered Unity through Rise Thursdays.


Q6: How has your experience with Unity influenced your path as an artist?


A: My experience has allowed me to be more vocal and upfront about what I do behind closed doors. I don’t really wear being a writer on my chest. For the most part, when people ask me what I do I tell them I do nothing and everything. Unity is a nice way of doing what I’m passionate about while also still being discreet in my passion.