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Unity is a national charity that uses Hip Hop art forms to promote resilience and well-being among underserved youth, creating healthier communities. Founded in 2007, Unity has spent over 15 years introducing youth to Hip Hop art forms and empowering them with the confidence and skills for success so they may achieve their full potential. Unity’s programs are completely free and are offered in various communities across Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg and Alberta. These programs include performances, workshops, events, mentorship, volunteering, and various professional development opportunities year-round.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to send us a message at the email below and someone from our team will get back to you. Peace, love and Unity!

Charitable Registration Number: 85735 9012 RR0001

Office Address: 20 Carlton Street, Suite #126, Toronto ON M5B 2H5

Email: info@unitycharity.com

Phone: 647-317-3127



Youth are at the centre of Unity. We exist as an organization to serve young people in need of ways to express themselves positively, in need of community, encouragement and support, in need of representation and platforms so that they may be heard and seen. We prioritize youth by including them in the conversation, by listening to them, and by guiding and mentoring them.


To Unity, the Hip Hop elements are languages through which we’re able to connect, teach, inspire, and engage with youth. The history of Hip Hop, and the foundational values of the culture--social justice, peace, respect, self-worth, and community--are values and stories we strive to embody and share, so that youth may find inspiration, motivation and lessons of resilience within them.


To Unity, community represents places and spaces where people feel seen and connected. Community means sharing, support and safety. In our work, community is foundational - it is at the centre of all we do. Helping others to find and experience belonging in community, and finding it ourselves, motivates us and moves us all closer to success and wellness.


To Unity, respect means treating every person with dignity, consideration and honour. In our work, respect is important because it allows us to build lasting relationships and create spaces where people feel dignified and safe to grow, learn and work. Respect is also important to Unity as a foundational value of Hip Hop.


To Unity, integrity is all about transparency and truth - living authentically, upholding values even when it’s hard, and being honest with ourselves and others. In our work, integrity is important because when our words, actions and intentions all align, we’re able to build trust and tolerance.


To Unity, passion is the fire within, loving what you do and who you are. Passion is recognizing what moves the spirit, and honouring that need. In our work, passion is essential because it breathes life into our collective efforts, and keeps us hungry for change and growth.


Board of Directors

Our Founder

Dear Unity Family,


Our entire team is excited to continue to build off the momentum from last year with our ten year anniversary. As we begin the next decade we have put a ton of work into evaluation, curriculum development and training. The quality standard that Unity holds is very high.


The work we do is vital for communities using hip hop to build resilience in youth living in underserved communities. For that reason, we take quality control processes very seriously at Unity. We are setting a standard for arts organizations and social service agencies using the arts to have impact in communities.


Working in partnership with other social serving agencies is the way forward for Unity to truly achieve real impact around youth mental health. In the past year Unity has forged and grown partnerships with CAS Ambassador School, Kids Help Phone, Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre, Nexus Youth Services, Foodshare and many other agencies that will help leverage our impact. Together, in partnership, Unity can make a shift in supporting youth mental health through hip-hop programming.


Some of the social workers who have worked with us have called our work “mental health through the back door”. This refers to the idea that our programs are embedded with creative and engaging practices supporting positive youth mental health without overtly calling Unity’s work a “hip-hop mental health program”. Unity is providing safer spaces for youth to express themselves through hip-hop art forms to create an environment for youth to powerfully build their individual and internal resilience to better face the day to day challenges that life brings.


Unity is forever evolving and growing. It is this mentality that keeps Unity relevant to all of our stakeholders. Evaluation is close to the heart of Unity as it measures the impact we are having in communities and also serves as a compass on how to further improve our programs and processes. I look forward to another year of growth and learning. The Unity team is a group of super heroes. I’m so proud to see the staff, artists and board of directors continuing to infuse their passions and ideas into the Unity collective vision, strategy and theory of change.


With your continued support we can continue to use hip-hop to improve young people’s lives creating healthier communities.


Together we can take it to the next!



Michael Prosserman aka Bboy Piecez

Michael Prosserman aka Bboy Piecez

Unity Charity Founder


Unity reaches 75000 youth across Canada

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