Our Volunteers

Unity is honoured to have the support of our dedicated volunteer team, and we want you to join us! Below are descriptions of various volunteer positions that Unity Charity Volunteers may sign up for.
For a list of our volunteer opportunities and the link to the application form to apply see below.

Volunteers Opportunities

We have a wide variety of volunteer positions at our events and special events


Unity Charity is very often the enthusiastic host of incredible events, including and not limited to: bboy/bgirl jams, art exhibits, beatboxing competitions, spoken word competitions, and various fundraisers around the city. Running these events is not a simple task, and our team will require assistance in some or all of the following areas:

  • information table
  • merchandise sales
  • backstage
  • set-up/tear-down


Every year, Unity Charity presents a 4-Day Festival in Toronto that, in the very essence of its conception, showcases the brilliant talent of not only our beloved artists and our artistic community, but also the youth who have worked extremely hard all year in our school programs. This is an event that is even greater in complexity than our usual ones, and we are proud of our dedicated team of volunteers who have supported us in making this annual event outstanding.
Our Festival will require assistance in all of the following areas:

  • information table
  • merchandise sales
  • backstage
  • set-up/tear-down
  • door/ticketing
  • food distribution
  • promotions and social media

Ways You Can Support

Together we are making our community safer. Transform your community, make a donation today!

Levels of Support

How your money is allocated:

Adopt A Community


  • Transform a community from the ground up, empower youth role models to create change in their own community
  • Create 2 Sustainable UNITY Crews through 2 After School Programs
  • Create mentorship opportunities within 2 host high schools and 2 jr high schools
  • Empower over 50 youth role models, inspire over 1000 youth
  • Provide full-time employment for 1 youth from our program for 1 year
  • Launch a weekly urban arts program in a community space for 1 year
  • Create a safe space for over 30 youth for over 150 hrs on evenings & weekends

Inquire about adopting a community

Angel Investor

$5,000 – $10,000

  • Create a positive, safe and healthy school culture in 1 school
  • Create a Sustainable UNITY Crew through 1 After School Program
  • Create mentorship opportunities within host high school and in 1 jr high school
  • Empower over 25 youth role models, inspire over 500 youth
  • Provide part-time employment to 1 youth from our program

Inquire about becoming an Angel Investor

Lead Investor


  • Launch a weekly urban arts program in a community space for 6 months
  • Create over 75 hrs of free programming for youth on evenings & weekends
  • Provide a safe and encouraging program for over 30 youth in a priority community

Become an Lead Investor

Adopt A School


  • Help youth break down and confront stereotypes while finding a positive outlets for their stress & anger
  • Engage over 400 youth to experience a UNITY Day in their school (Takes over the school for 1 full day)
  • Provide 1 school assembly, 8 in-class workshops and a hallway dance cypher

Adopt a School

Role Model Investor


  • Give youth the opportunity to mentor in their communities
  • Empower 10 youth leaders to teach 25 workshops to youth in their communities
  • Creates positive and sustainable youth to youth mentorship
  • Engage over 200 youth from the community

Become a Role Model Investor

Classroom Investor


  • Empower 1 classroom with 25 youth in a hands on workshop using urban arts as a vehicle to help relieve stress and anger in a positive way

Become a Classroom Investor

Empower A Youth


  • Give 2 youth a platform to perform and share their story at the UNITY Festival at Dundas Square in front of thousands of people

Empower a Youth

Inspire A Youth


  • For less then the cost of 1 movie ticket you can expose youth to a whole new world of opportunities
  • Allow 1 youth to experience a high impact UNITY assembly
  • Youth get to connect with some of Canada’s top urban artists and hear their personal, honest and relatable stories

Inspire a Youth

Our Donors: Thank You

Community Investors

$15,000 To $20,000+

  • Ada W. Slaight Fund at the Toronto Foundation
  • BloombergSen Investment Partners
  • The Dunkley Charitable
  • Foundation Ronald Prosserman
  • Venterra Realty

Angel Investors

$10,000 To $14,999

  • Augusta Holdings Inc.
  • Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky
  • Joseph Ribkoff

Angel Supporters

$5,000 To $9,999

  • Al & Annette Van Mil
  • Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
  • David Gray
  • DiamondCorp
  • Gary & Madoka Prosserman
  • Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
  • Julian Van Mil
  • Longbow Capital Inc.
  • Philip Lieberman
  • RP Investments

Lead Investor

$1,500 To $4,999

  • Birch Hill Equity Partners
  • CanFirst Capital Management
  • Cask Days
  • Greg & Susan Guichon
  • Haya Zilberboim
  • Linda & Geoff Pearlstein
  • Lush
  • Peter Kozicz
  • Silvercreek Management Inc.
  • SuitsU

School Investor

$1,000 To $1,499

  • Allan Levine
  • Elijah Antflick
  • Eric Goldstrand
  • Gemini Asset Management Inc.
  • Genuity Fund Management
  • Harry Washaw
  • Jades Hip Hop Academy
  • Jeffrey Magid
  • Jodi Weber
  • Joshua Singer
  • Linda Macdonald
  • Marret Asset Management Inc.
  • Maxwell Foundation
  • Newsam Holdings Ltd.
  • Noah Soloman
  • Rice Commercial Group

Role Model Investor

$500 To $999

  • Aaron Lam
  • Allan Rouben
  • Amy Baryshnik
  • Brian Prosserman
  • Chris Murphy
  • Diana Soloway
  • Erin Reich
  • The Friedberg Family
  • Harvey and Annice Frisch
  • Luca Patuelli
  • Muneef Ahmad
  • Sheldon Silverberg
  • Stuart Berkowitz
  • Tim Morgan


$10 To $499

  • Aaron Meirovich
  • Andrew Trac
  • Anita Gough
  • Brettler Mintz Foundation
  • Colleen Cowman
  • Cynthia Quigley
  • David Williams
  • Denise Price
  • Erika Wien
  • Fiona MacDougall
  • Francine Arbour
  • Galina Hogeboom
  • Gary Smith
  • Greg Uchiyama
  • Greg Wong
  • Harvey Goldwax
  • Jasmin Yeung
  • Jay Smith
  • Jennifer and Michael Wilson
  • Jennifer Shwartz
  • Joyce Nyhof-Young
  • Julie Haynes
  • Karen Au
  • Kayla Prive
  • Lorie Goldfinger
  • Michael Kalles
  • Natalie Scheel
  • Nick Petruzzella
  • Neil Paton
  • Pauline Ling
  • Peter Borwein
  • Rhoda Payne
  • Rick Chad
  • Robin Porter
  • Ronald Canual
  • Samuel Saywack
  • Shannon Snow
  • Sharon Miller
  • Thomas Story
  • Van Mil Studio Ltd.


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