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200,896 YOUTH REACHED 2012-2016

2016-2017 HIGHLIGHTS

Youth Reached


Weekly programs executed


Youth per program on Average


Youth in Weekly Programs


Unity programs are made possible by the generous contributions of our partners who believe in our mission of empowering youth.

Unity pulls in youth who may feel disconnected or overwhelmed by stress.


Hip-Hop is a universal community that consists of artforms that youth find relatable and accessible.


Youth achieve their full potential, creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Unity’s INSPIRE Program: Maritimes Tour (November 2016)

In November of 2016 Unity Charity sent a team of artists to complete it’s longest tour to date. 21 days, 2 provinces, 3 cities and two teams later the artists returned to Toronto from traveling to Halifax, Quebec and New Brunswick.

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During these 3 weeks, there were over 10,500 students reached with inspire messaging via Unity Day presentations and over 2,200 students reached with inspire messaging via in depth Unity Day workshops.

One mural was painted in Halifax and the team held a community showcase event in both Halifax and New Brunswick. The artists also got to participate in their crafts outside of Unity at local events. Adrian Bernard (Switch B) was invited to headline a poetry slam where as Jessey Pacho (Phade) and Rock (Erin zimerman) were invited to paint one of Halifax’s legal graffiti walls.

Overall, this tour was a HUGE success, complete with a promposal (see above!). On the local front, 7 unity days have happened in Ontario since the east coast tour, utilizing new recruits partnered with seasoned unity veterans to execute these events. One mural was done locally, with another 3 tentatively to happen between April & May. In March a Unity team will be delivering a Unity Day tour to Fort McMurray and the same in May, both for 3 weeks, utilizing a newly created skit as a core piece of these Unity Days.