What is REACH?


REACH is a free online program for young people between the ages of 12-25 who are interested or curious in Reconnecting (through) Expressive Arts, Community, and Hip Hop. It is co-facilitated by Hip Hop artists/arts educators and a student Expressive Arts Therapist. REACH creates a virtual space that invites participants to show up as they are, engage in relaxing, creative activities to express themselves in these challenging times, and acknowledge how resourceful and amazing they are! The program specifically supports youth in coping with mental health challenges arising from quarantine and the pandemic such as anxiety, stress, safety, and social isolation. 


Every week we hope to have some fun, to play and learn a new Hip Hop arts technique, and to build a supportive peer-to-peer community.


*Absolutely no former experience in Hip Hop arts or therapy is required!*


Space is limited to 15 participants per program, and we ask that participants please register in advance (form below) in order to benefit from the full program. 



Why was the REACH virtual program created?


In May 2020, Unity decided to create the blueprint for what is now called REACH. The REACH program’s intention is to further support youth in Canada during an uncertain and stressful time. In Fall 2020, Unity successfully piloted two programs, and is excited to continue to offer this national, online expressive arts therapeutic program.


How does someone join REACH?


Please scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the basic registration info. After registering, an email will be sent to you from our coordinator, Redge, who will reach out about scheduling a “meet and greet” appointment to complete the informal intake process. Interested participants can feel free to register themselves, or parents/guardians or mentors may choose to register on behalf of an interested young person.


For youth aged 12 to 17, REACH will  start on February 10th, and resume every Wednesday from 6:30pm-8:00pm for 10 weeks. 


For youth aged 18 to 25, REACH will start on February 11th, and resume every Thursday from 6:30pm-8:00pm for 10 weeks.


Where does it take place?


The program takes place in a secure zoom meeting room, where only participants are sent links to join the program. This is not public, so only those who have registered in advance and received a secure meeting link will be able to join.


Need more information? Please reach out to Redge at 1-416-206-9449 or via email at redge@unitycharity.com


REACH in, to tap into the self, and all the resources that lie there.


REACH out, knowing we got you, and that you’re not alone.


REACH art to play, imagine, express and create.




Unity has reached 250,000 youth across Canada!

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