Yasmin Wright

Board Member

Yasmin Wright, born Shaniqua is a Toronto (born and raised) artist. She started writing poetry, spoken word and music at the age of 12 and now considers herself a self-taught artist. Unsatisfied with the adjective “rapper”, Yasmin prefers to be called an artist as she considers herself a creative being. 

Yasmin started off performing in her high school and got her first outside-of-school performance at the 2018 Unity Festival. Since then she has performed at the HER Creative showcase and Unity’s 15th annual Breaking The Cycle Event. 

Yasmin has been a dedicated and prominent member of Unity’s after school program and is excited to take her experience from a student to a teacher. She aspires to create better communities as she has already started doing so by volunteering with Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC) and the Jr. NBA as an assistant coach. 

Unity has changed Yasmin’s life in positive ways only and she is excited to use her experience, knowledge and love for hip-hop to benefit youths the way it has benefited her.