Rebecca Harrison

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Executive Director

Rebecca is incredibly excited and honoured to be joining Unity as Executive Director, and has great respect for the work that the organization, and team have done to date. She looks forward to dedicating herself to growing and deepening the reach and impact of Unity, alongside the team who she is committed to supporting and elevating.

Joining Unity is a natural fit for Rebecca, and she feels that the organization’s mandate is closely aligned with the motivating forces that guide her–Rebecca has been a musician since her childhood, and attributes much of her own resilience, determination and sense of community to the lifelong relationship she holds with her own art and creative practice. As is evident in her career choices, she is dedicated to ensuring that young people have the same opportunities that she had to have art in their lives, so that it may provide healing, community, and direction, as it has for her.

Her career has been spent working with and for young and emerging artists, artist educators and arts organizations, a professional path inspired by her own deep connection to art and music. With Coalition Music’s charitable arm, TEMPO, she delivered music and music business education to youth facing multiple barriers across Toronto and on First Nations reservations in Ontario. Alongside the City of Toronto, she coordinated Arts Lab, a pilot project provided mentorship and support to artists from underserved communities seeking careers in the arts, and most recently, at Business to the Arts, she has dedicated herself to scaling a mentorship program for arts organizations across Canada.