Catherine Turcotte

Community Programs Coordinator

Catherine Turcotte AKA ‘Catalyst’ is an educator and coordinator whose practice is oriented in community building, social awareness, care & empowerment. In 2003, Cat found her way to self-expression through dance. Driven to share this outlet with others, she began teaching in 2008. Her practice has been programmed in various institutions, charitable organizations, community spaces and school boards across Canada with students of all ages and of various physical and cognitive abilities.


She has competed in freestyle battles where she successfully brought home victories such as “Queen of the North” in 2019, “Wintor Top Rock Bonnie & Clyde” in 2019, “Stick To Your Roots” in 2019, “Fired Up Still” 2018 and 2014, “KOD Canada” in 2016, “Bday Afternoon Jam” in 2012 and “Shut Up and Dance Crew Battle” in 2011.


Passionate about access, she loves working alongside facilitators, supporting them in bringing out their strengths and vision to life. Acknowledging that when surrounded by community is where she thrives, she dedicates her work to youth wanting to connect with others, find self-expression & a space where they can be themselves and shine.