Catherine Turcotte

Community Programs Coordinator

Catherine Turcotte AKA ‘Catalyst’ is an educator whose practice is oriented in community building, social awareness and empowerment through the movements and culture of hiphop. In 2003, ‘Catalyst’ found a way to celebrate her identity and express herself through dance. Driven to share this value with others, she began teaching in 2008. Since 2008, her practice has been programmed in various private institutions, charitable organizations and school boards across Ontario and Quebec with students of all ages and of various physical and mental abilities. Her approach can also be translated to students who train in hiphop recreationally or professionally.


As a practicing artist, she travelled to Sweden, France and the United States where she competed and trained. In Canada, Catherine has competed in freestyle battles between Montréal and Toronto, where she successfullybrought home multiple championship victories. Cat’s authenticity and originality created opportunities for her to bring her dance to the stage. In 2013 Cat was a part of the opening act of the Wu-Tang Clan Concert in Toronto. In the following year, Cat was also invited to become a part of Toronto based dance company Alias Dance Project, where she has collaborated on four productions and is currently working towards new works that will premiere in Toronto, 2016.


Catherine’s approach is inclusive, original and broad, ranging from teaching choreography, to battle strategies, to performative training and freestyle skills. Catherine’s philosophy allows everyone to connect the roots of hiphop culture to their own personal stories in an effort to express, build and become more wholistic community members.