Arjun Raj

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Growing up, Arjun was a shy, introverted boy. He struggled to fit in at school as he hoped to find easier ways through which he could express himself. That is when he was introduced to theatre, a platform that gave him the stage to be whoever he wants to be without the fear of judgment. Arjun also found himself drawing inspiration from his favourite song back then :  “I can” by Nas, which continues to be his “lift-me-up” even today!  Soon he realized that he wanted to help others like him find their medium of liberation.


Arjun has worked as a filmmaker and brand marketing expert for both non-profit and for-profit organizations for over a decade. His grounding in community media, advertising, and his experience of working with youth have always helped him come up with high-impact creative solutions that are aspirational, relatable, and memorable.


When he is not working, he is either cooking for his partner or out on the streets clicking pictures, with his beloved dog Libby (short for Library) by his side.