Marcus Lomboy, Toronto

Until his grade 12 year when UNITY came to his high school, Marcus Lomboy had no clue as to how powerful the spoken word poetry he performed simply as catharsis could be, both for himself and for others. Four years later, Marcus is now a contracted artist with UNITY, performing and teaching workshops in schools and currently sits on the board of directors as a youth representative. He has been a member of UNIFFECT, UNITY’s spoken word leadership program, since its inception, growing with other youth artists and mentoring through poetry. After having filled the roles This year UNITY would like to share some powerful stories and experiences of youth who have participated in the program, some of which have worked with UNITY and continue to spread the message to their communities. Throughout this year’s annual report we will share stories of youth from across Canada. We would like to thank each of them for sharing their stories! of program intern and co-ordinator of UNIFFECT, Marcus understands the gravity of UNITY’s programs. He feels that UNITY reaches youth that don’t fit into labels and boxes they are pushed into. He believes it creates a safe space for release and creation where youth can find peers who share the same passion and the same stories, because the best way to tell your story is with your own voice, no matter the medium. Whether it is through telling his story, or empowering other youth to tell their own, Marcus has found the purpose in his poetry

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