Art Form: Entry Level Krump
Start Date: Jan 18
End Date: Mar 8
Time: 7 to 9:30 PM ET
Facilitators: O.G. & Knives
Location: Unity Studio, 1560 Yonge St, Unit 204 (upstairs above the Popeye’s) Toronto, ON M4T 1Z7


Foundations of Krump is a program that welcomes beginners and familiars to explore and engage with the roots and foundations of Krump movement. This season we are aiming to provide education and practices to elevate the skills of those who are wanting to become sound in Krump movement and knowledge. In these 8 weeks, participants will gain awareness of the body, the mind connection, will explore basics, foundations, musicality, history, sessioning and participate in discussions around battling.


We encourage newcomers of the style to find out who they are in this craft, and their uniqueness, and to explore themselves through these essential tools, providing them with the confidence to create and be a part of the community.


For any questions about the program or how to register, please contact Program Coordinator Cat Turcotte at catherine.t@unitycharity.com

Entry Level Krump at the Unity Studio

Please complete the following form if you are between the ages of 12-29 and interested in joining the Krump Program taking place at the Unity Studio Toronto on Wednesdays at 7pm from Jan 18 to Mar 8. Once completed, Cat Turcotte, our Program Coordinator will be in touch with you to give you more information.
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