Jane Souralaysack, Toronto

My name is Jane Souralaysack and I am a UNITY Artist. I love to dance and beatbox because it has provided me with amazing opportunities and a positive outlook on myself. I first got more involved because I was facing abusive relationships within my family, and going to cyphers and sessions allowed me to escape my own home. I also was struggling financially, and was stressed with balancing school. Doing art forms allowed me to take time for myself to be free, and occupied on creativity, positivity, and art.

I would also say that I am a youth advocate for UNITY. I am trying to give back to the community as UNITY has helped me through tough times. Right now and I am taking leadership as the President of the UNITY @ U of T club at school, to continue spreading our mission Jane Souralaysack, Toronto statement and values. With UNITY, I’ve taught workshops, performed at shows, and promoted events. I’ve also done programs with the TDSB and Toronto Public Health as a facilitator, mentor and role model. I taught breakdance and beatbox workshops to youth grouped in ages 5-15 and 16+.

I strongly believe that UNITY programs are important for youth because they help exercise creativity early on, and help express stress in a positive manner. Many youth turn to violence or negative influences because simply they are lost, depressed, or just don’t know what to do. A simple program can inspire someone to change their own life then change other lives by giving back; continuing the cycle.

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