Halifax Songwriting (In-Person)

Art Form: Songwriting
Start Date: Apr 20
End Date: June 8
Time: 6-8PM AT
Region: Halifax/Dartmouth/Preston
Location: In-Person at Youth Art Connection, 5553 Bloomfield St, Halifax, NS B3K 1S7
Hosts: Nick Nguyen, Maje, Levi

Come to the Bridge location for 8 weeks of song-writing with Nova Scotia’s own MAJE and Levi Morrison!

For any questions or issues with registration, please contact Nick Nguyen, Program Manager at nick.n@unitycharity.com


Tuesdays - Halifax Songwriting Program Registration

Please complete the following form if you are between the ages of 12-29 and interested in joining the Halifax Area Songwriting/Breaking Program taking place Tuesdays at 6PM AT (5PM EST) at Youth Art Connection in Halifax from Apr 20th to June 8th. Once completed, Nick Nguyen, our Nova Scotia Program Manager, will be in touch with you to confirm details.