Halifax Breaking & Popping w/ BREAKSPACE – Sundays

Art Form: Breaking & Popping with BreakSpace (In-person)
Start Date: Feb 7th
End Date: Mar 28th
Time: 7pm AT
Region: Halifax/Dartmouth/Preston
Location: In-Person at DAN Space (1531 Grafton St, Halifax, NS B3J 2B9)
Hosts: Nick, Nat and Jay

For any questions or issues with registering, please contact Nick Nguyen, Program Manager at nick.n@unitycharity.com

Come join BreakSpace’s free drop-in as we have the first hour with instruction from UNITY artists Natorious[Breaking] and Jay.[Popping] for 8 weeks.
From February 7th to March 28th.

Sundays - Halifax Breaking & Popping Program Registration

Please complete the following form if you are between the ages of 12-29 and interested in joining the Halifax Area Breaking and Popping Program taking place at DANSpace (in-person) on Sundays at 7PM AT from Feb 7 to Mar 28. Once completed, Nick Nguyen, our Nova Scotia Program Manager, will be in touch with you to confirm details.