Erine Thai, Calgary

UNITY has given me the opportunity to find my voice and speak my mind in a way that I am truly passionate about, and for that I am forever grateful. Before UNITY, I was a very timid individual who always kept to myself, but now I am able to perform in front of audiences, whether big or small, and share my story through spoken word poetry. Not only have I been able to express myself, but through working as an instructor for afterschool programs, I am proud to say that I have been able to teach and share my love for spoken word with other youth. In my last workshop, one of my students said to me, “Writing feels good, I never knew how to let my anger out before.” It is amazing to think that I was once in their position, and now I am the instructor who is giving someone else a chance to express their thoughts in a positive and artistic way! I have also been fortunate enough to showcase the art form of spoken word at various charity events as well as school events, and plan to work with UNITY for many years to come.

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