Branden Taylor, Halifax

UNITY has given me a way to express myself mentally, physically, and emotionally in a positive, and creative way through the art form of Beatbox. Before UNITY, I was somewhat of a troubled youth, growing up always craving attention, and looking for it in a negative way. I now have a way to positively capture attention. Going from never performing on a stage at all, to performing for crowds as big as 20,000 attendees, UNITY has provided a confidence I never knew I had. As a Program Co-ordinator for UNITY I get to see youth artists from around the city develop in not only their art forms, but Branden Taylor, Halifax in their leadership abilities which is the most gratifying thing I’ve ever experienced. Through UNITY I’ve had many experiences I never thought I would get to take part of, for example performing Internationally in Italy, and sharing my art form with thousands of people. Starting out as just a youth in the UNITY After School program, to becoming who I am today, I believe that UNITY programs should be in ever city across Canada, so we can truly reach out to all the youth in need of a platform where they can just be themselves, and find a way to express their stress in a positive way!

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