Sasha Lindsay

Bookings Assistant

Sasha was born and raised in Toronto with a Jamaican background. Culture and arts were a large part of her up bringing. She is the founder of S.Dymond Ent. and the Executive Director of It Was Written, an organization of resources that assist the processes of incarceration and reintegration of youth and adult males in the GTA.

Since 2014, Sasha has been successfully producing and hosting events, including panel discussions in the community that gives a platform to entrepreneurs, artists and smaller community groups that need to be heard on larger scaled platforms.

Coming from an arts background, dance and spoken word are passions that Sasha implements into her everyday life. Never formally trained, she has a raw talent of picking up choreography in hip-hop, lyrical and jazz. She continues to use her knowledge of the dance scene in Toronto and her business background to continue to create various platforms for her community

Sasha is currently working with Unity as the Booking Assistant to ensure that the Unity artists have access to the spaces where they can do what they love and continue to inspire the youth.