Mahad Shoaib

Communications Assistant

A ‘surge’ is defined as a sudden powerful forward or upward movement.


Mahad Shoaib aka “Surge” describes himself as consistent, but constantly strives to exceed expectations where the opportunity arises. Mahad first got involved with Unity Charity in 2008 when he enrolled in an After School Program in his high school. Mahad immediately developed an interest for break dance and joined UNITEAM, a dance crew of young people that embodied the Unity values. Over the years, Mahad began to realize the long term positive impact Unity had on his mental and physical health, and decided to put his efforts into helping others. Mahad now works at Unity Charity as a Communications Assistant to support new and ongoing programs that improve the lives of young people across Canada.


In his free time, Mahad likes to work on creative projects involving beat boxing, sound engineering, electric guitar, and singing, which all stem from his love for sounds. Mahad has a lot of respect or the Japanese culture and plans to travel to Japan some day. By 2017, Mahad intends to complete a Literature Review for the YMCA on how to measure “sense of belonging” and graduate from a Biology program at York University.