Mahad Shoaib

Development & Evaluations Coordinator

The limitless vista created in imagination far surpasses anything one can see more clearly.


Mahad aka “arXade” describes himself as a passionate fundraiser, wizard of evaluation, producer of music, and a lover of language. Mahad immigrated to Canada eleven years ago and one of his fondest memories of the country is experiencing Hip-Hop through the Unity Day Assembly in 2008.  Since then, he has gone from being a Unity program alumni to volunteer to Unity Artist, and now works full-time as Unity’s Development and Evaluations Coordinator. Unity had a profound positive impact on Mahad’s mental and physical health, and ultimately gave him a platform to channel his energy into helping others. Graduating from York University with a focus on public health and community work, Mahad uses his skills in research, writing, and statistics to grow and scale Unity’s impact.


In his free time Mahad produces retro-inspired music (@arxademusic), rides his motorcycle, and learns Japanese. 日本語の学生です!