Kevin Reigh

Development Coordinator

A writer and spoken word artist, Kevin Reigh is committed to exploring the links and connections between what is written, what is said, what is heard and what is read. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Toronto, this cultural dynamic is apparent in Kevin’s work and reflects the heart and soul of a man drawing upon diverse and disparate influences.


To date Kevin has released one album (Ground Provisions) and a volume of poetry (Love. Universes. All Things.) and has collaborated with musicians and dancers; he was commissioned to write original pieces of poetry for several dance groups and presentations including Revived (May 2003) and Integration (November 2003) and also contributed a spoken word piece entitled “The Real Deal”, to Paranoid Jack’s acclaimed album of electronic and house music “The Last of the Funky Cyborgs”.  Kevin’s work was also included in “T-Dot Griots: An anthology of Toronto’s Black Storytellers” (2004).


Aside from his creative endeavours, Kevin has over 11 years experience in the arts/not for profit sector having previously worked at dance Immersion and the Canadian Music Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA). Kevin also served a three-year term on the Toronto Arts Council’s Community Arts Committee. Kevin brings his love of language, love for the performing arts and belief in the power of art to change lives to UNITY Charity where he primarily researchers funding opportunities and drafts grant proposals and reports in his role as Development Coordinator.