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Jessey Pacho

National Program Coordinator

Jessey Pacho is a Graffiti Artist and a B/boy and has been a professional mural artist since 19. Mainly self-taught but has had some training under Professional visual artist Micheal Brown. For 12 years he has been painting graffiti art and since has created many opportunities to develop his craft as a professional. Some of these include: Mural Artist and Mural project Facilitator, Art Educator, Tour manager and Motivational speaker. Most recently Jessey was brought on as the local programs coordinator for Unity charity. Jessey has had the chance to work with and exhibit work for many different organizations such as: Luminatio, Amnesty International, Toronto Crime Stoppers, Toronto Police, Canadian Heroes, Invisible people, Unity Charity, Coca Cola and Much Music. Jessey has been able to reach out to over 60 000 youth to date both nationally and internationally using graffiti as a legitimate art form to do so. Jessey Pacho has been recognized for his work in the community by media agencies such as Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, CBC News radio, CBC News, Global National and many more. Jessey has been documented internationally and was featured in a book for the completion of the Six String Nation Guitar mural, during Toronto’s first annual Luminato Festival. He has also received a lapel pin from the province of Ontario for his work various communities. Jessey has received official recognition by Members of Parliament, The House of Commons and the Canadian Armed Forces for the completion of the Highway of Heroes mural. Mr. Pacho was honoured with a flag flown in Afghanistan by the Canadian Army for his work on this memorial mural. Jessey was a Keynote speaker at the #140 Conference in New York City on the topic of legal graffiti and community building. In 2013 Mr Pacho was brought to Italy with a team of artists from Unity Charity. This was for the We Free conference as a mural advisor to a group of artists from Portugal on how to complete a mural while working with youth. Jessey has traveled across Canada to teach graffiti art and educate various communities about mural making. In 2014 Mr pacho was in Fort McMurray and Fort Chippeywan teaching graffiti workshops and educating local youth about the consequences of graffiti vandalism and the possibilities of legal graffiti murals. Currently Jessey is pushing the boundaries of his craft as a Bboy and Artist. Mr Pacho has been working as an art educator and facilitator with Unity over the past few years, recently he was promoted to the position of Program Coodinator. Mr Pacho will be in charge of all After School programs, UNITY days and student performances in 4 of the 12 schools UNITY is involved with.