James Luong

My name is James Luong aka Bond and I really enjoy exploring multiple forms of art to express myself through. My passion for dance started when I was in elementary school, I copied music videos and dance routines off of the T.V because it felt and looked so fun to do! Eventually I would find other friends that were interested in dance which then lead me to find Unity. From Unity’s drop in and afterschool programs it gave me a space where I could develop myself as an artist and a person. Ever since then I used my knowledge and experience to get into Centennial College’s Dance performance programs where I’m currently training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop as well as other cultural dances. From my first year of schooling I have received the Dean’s award for outstanding entrepreneurship and innovation in Dance Performance. I’m very comfortable in teaching dance and graffiti art. I love to talk and use silly metaphors to explain instructions and concepts to youth because it breaks down the initial awkwardness in a workshop and allows the youth to be themselves in a comfortable and positive space.

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