Delorean Klien

Administration Assistant

Delorean started his dance and acting career at the age of 7 by dancing at folk dancing jamborees and helping to write and act out his own plays at school. Since that time Delorean still helps to choreograph dance at a Scarborough-based youth development program and cotillion for youths (that he attended when he was in his teens) that he has since then become a board member.

While in University Delorean became the first Public Relations Director (Canada zone region and University of Toronto Chapter) for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).He was a part of many boards including the A.P.U.S. College Council Association, Equity Studies representative and Woodsworth College Council.
Delorean has assisted with the execution of Eva’s Initiatives; Home for Life Auction as a regular board member for the event and the instructor for the youths for their Youth Photography Gallery Auction. He has also assisted at the Future Aces Gala as a committee member, scholarship application reader, youth facilitator and photographer for a few of their event.
As a photographer, Delorean has been hired to do photography and take photos of people such as Dwayne Morgan, Latoya (Latoya Forever) Ali, Russell Peters, Jully Black, Kevin Weekes, The Honorable Celina Rayonne Caesar-Chavannes and the Premier of Ontario to name a few.
Delorean‘s has not changed much since he was a youth. He still acts but now it is in commercials and small parts in shows. He doesn’t dance as much as he used to but he helps choreograph youths and in doing so helps them realize their potential. He still works in his community including Tropicana Community Services as a youth photography instructor.
Today, Delorean is the Administrator at Unity Charity and a very proud member of the team.