Andrew Gavin Hicks

Festival Coordinator

Andrew Gavin Hicks (Andycapp) is a multi- media artist focusing on collage, films based on various subcultures, and music production, but he is mostly well known as “Andycapp”: one of Toronto’s most respected DJ’s of disco, boogie and leftfield house and promoters of multi-media events throughout the city of Toronto. Andy’s 20 year career started in London, Ontario DJ’ing and promoting hip hop shows and and mini-festivals and was later responsible for one of that city’s most successful weekly events playing an eclectic mix dub reggae, soul, funk to disco, boogie, house, techno and even drum n’bass.

Andy left London to further is academic career and completed his bachelor degree in Integrated Media at the Ontario College of Art And Design. He then followed his studies at OCAD at the University Of Western Ontario receiving a Master’s Degree in Global Cinema: his thesis focusing on the artists of the Lower East Side and South Bronx in New York during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. This time period, one of Andy’s most influential periods that informs most of his work as an artist, was one of the last ‘pure’ artistic eras in when straight, gay, black and white collided and made some of the most diverse bodies of work in North American history.

As the new Festival Event Co-ordinator, Andy will use his knowledge as a promoter and community organizer along with the influence of past masters to organize special events that will include a diverse group of highly talented and multi-cultural performers, artists and attendees.

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