Andel James

Artist Manager

For the last 20 years, Andel James has been an active contributor to the Hip-Hop community as a dancer, DJ, youth outreach worker, program coordinator and director at Unity Charity, Blueprintforlife and 2U4U.

In 2007, he began his Unity journey as a Program Coordinator under Michael Prosserman and eventually became the Program Director to co-design Unity’s signature programming model for both artists and youth in the community.  Andel has also been a leading staff member of Blueprintforlife under Stephen Leafloor and had the opportunity to work in remote indigenous communities, youth detention centres and urban high schools across Canada.

Andel is also the curator for the 2U4U monthly events that provide a platform for street dancers and DJs to connect and build with other artists in the Hip-Hop community.

Having worked with over 5000 youth and artists through various school and community-based programs, Andel is excited to join Unity Charity once again as their first Artist Manager.