Unity uses hip-hop to improve young people’s lives creating healthier communities.
Unity artists are genuine and honest people that I want to interact with and learn from. - Youth Participant

Unity Values

Unity embodies the following core values in all aspects of our organization:


Create a safe environment that encourages collaboration, personal growth, individuality and critical thought.


Maintain the highest level of artistic integrity when presenting art forms while encouraging the use of these art forms to explore individuality, identity and open-mindedness.


All members of our organization are driven by their passion for the cause and the arts.


Collaboratively work with youth, schools, parents, funders, government and community organizations to create long-term impact, safer schools and healthier communities.


Make all decisions with highest priority to the opinions, needs and preferences of those we serve, the youth.

This is the second opportunity I have had to use UNITY group. I have introduced them to the student leaders and students at risk. This program is suitable for both. - School Teacher


Unity has a comprehensive documentation strategy that tracks attendance, the number of hours each individual spends in the programs, and how many youth have completed the program. Additionally, Unity provides program participants with qualitative surveys before and after their involvement to provide critical insights into the thoughts, feelings, needs and concerns of program participants that help shape the form and content of our programming.

“I feel like it contributed to my feeling of being healthy. If I dance, I take it as not only communicating with other people or expressing myself, but also has a physical challenge” – Youth Participant

“Within the sessions I can often be myself,  and people except you for who you are, doesn’t matter how weird or crazy your thoughts are.” – Youth Participant

A study exploring the perspectives of young people provided an understanding of the impact of hip-hop dance forms on their lives. The Unity Dance Program enhances youths’ physical well-being, allows them to express emotions, develop discipline and enhances confidence. The programs are accessible and draw people with similar values and mindsets into a welcoming and caring space that quashes negative stereotypes and creates lasting friendships.

I have been an educator for about 20 years in the York Catholic District School Board... the most outstanding presentation and workshops I have seen to date have been from Unity Charity. - Principal
The students were very engaged throughout the workshop. It was a great way for them to express themselves through poetry. - Teacher

Unity Artforms

UNITY’s Artist Training Program consists of the following types of art:



All-Styles Dance

All-Styles Dance

Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-Hop Dance



Urban Art/Graffiti

Urban Art/Graffiti




Unity reaches 75000 youth across Canada


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