Unity Charity’s Hip Hop Party is an annual event that raises funds for Unity’s Hip Hop arts programs for youth living in underserved communities. This is not your typical charity event – it is a unique opportunity to attend a dynamic, multi-disciplinary Hip Hop arts event AND support youth programs that develop resilience through positive outlets for stress, mentorship, and connection to peers and community.

Our goal for this year is to raise $250,000! This amount will go directly toward helping more than 700 youth in underserved communities access weekly hip hop arts programs that foster resilience, leadership, and connection to community.

The evening will be filled with great prizes, music, dancing, and performances from local Hip Hop artists who will not only share their craft, but also generously tell their own inspiring stories of resilience.

Don’t sleep on this opportunity to party with a purpose – get your tickets today!

Click here to learn more about Unity’s programs for youth across Canada.